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In the Name of God

"Creating Lasting Values for Life"

The Message of Mr. Seyed Morsal Jalali

Founder of Anboohsazane Homaye Tehran Prime Property Developers


I would like to thank all the brilliant, compassionate employees and colleagues of the Anboohsazane Homaye Tehran (AHT), it has been my great pleasure to have been working with such talented people for more than a quarter of a century in completing projects, creating prosperity and jobs for the community we live in.


Anboohsazane Homaye Tehran, stands at the pinnacle of success today first by the grace of God and second by the brilliance of its honest, hardworking, capable employees.

By working with the right people, educating and training our people, utilizing modern management methods, creating a dynamic and tranquil environment for our employees, collaboration with our stakeholder, constructive interaction with our customers, and respecting the communities we work in, we have been fortunate to undertake, complete, and deliver major re-development and construction projects which have created phenomenal returns for our clients and stakeholders.

“Creating Lasting Values for Life” has always been our guiding principle from the very first day the company was created and is what we everyday aim to achieve for our team and community. With this principle in mind, we are committed to addressing new challenges with comprehensive, holistic solutions which are based on technical know-how, program-oriented, reflect continuous improvement, use of new technologies, and are ethical.


Looking to the future and envisioning a lasting success, I ask all our team members to remain committed to our principles which have made us one of the largest, most successful privately-owned construction companies in Iran and to continue to serve our clients with honesty and integrity.


I thank God almighty for the honor of sharing our success and working with you.


Seyed Morsal Jalali,

November 2020



About Us


Anboohsazane Homaye Tehran Prime Property Developers


Anboohsazane Homaye Tehran Prime Property Developers (Homaye Tehran),headquartered in Tehran, Iran,has grown over the years from a small construction company established in 1989, into a multi-million dollar corporation operating as one of the largest privately owned property developers in Iran. For more than a quarter of century Homaye Tehran has developed large mix used high-end luxury projects across the country, placing it firmly within the highest category of construction companies operating in Iran. Working with leading world-acclaimed architects and design consultants has allowed Homaye Tehran to build a reputation for quality, consistency and meeting both deadlines and budget constraints. Our specialized internal business divisions are responsible for project conception, planning, feasibility, site selection, project management, finance, engineering, procurement , construction and sales. Today Homaye Tehran is among the largest fully integrated real-state and community development companies in the country, encompassing residential, commercial, and waterfront developments. Homaye Tehran's sustainable development approach, timely delivery and handover of projects, commitment to quality and our core values have made it possible for Homaye Tehran to become the first Property Developer in Iran to receive four 'best in class' industry recognitions with ISO and OHSAS certifications.





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