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According to the ILNA correspondent, the high goals of the development programs of Kish Island in the fields of tourism industry, trade, production and export of domestic products, including oil and gas industries, medical products, health supplies in the last two decades, a comfortable and pleasant sleep from The eyes of our country's tourism and trade competitors in the region, especially from the countries of the Persian Gulf, have been stolen.


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The study of the development of Kish and Hindurabi islands in the comprehensive plan has been completed for many years, and today not only these unique and beautiful islands can present themselves in attracting domestic and foreign investors and tourists, but also as a model for other islands in the Gulf. Fars can be raised and with the courage and perseverance of the relevant authorities to achieve great goals by completing the infrastructure steps in the path of development. Seyed Morsal Jalali, former CEO of "Anbouh Sazan Homay Tehran" company on Kish Island, referring to the development plans, said: "Executive operations of beautiful twin towers of Kish on very beautiful azure beaches and golden sands of Kish Pearl Island in the Persian Gulf since 2007 by" Anbouh Sazan "company Homay Tehran "started on a land with an area of ​​15,000 square meters with more than 12,000 square meters of green spaces and dedicated landscaping. Despite the deliberate and biased marginal issues and problems that arose for this national project, but with the ability to do very authoritative, expert and specialized work by the end of 1390 with the efforts and perseverance of specialized staff, especially Morsal Jalali, 95% of it was completed And all the pre-sale units were delivered to the buyers one after another during the legal process. Jalali, former CEO of Anbouh Sazan Homay Tehran and builder of Kish Twin Towers, said: "On the one hand, despite going through very difficult, difficult and exhausting stages, and on the other hand, very heavy financial losses to Anbouh Sazan Homay Tehran" It was imposed, but the satisfaction of buyers, both at home and dear compatriots living abroad, has always been more important than anything for the company during the project. Jalali added: "Due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate and the unreasonable increase in its rate in our country during the years of the project and especially the unbridled increase in the price of construction materials, not only did we not impose any price increase on our buyers, but we did not lag behind."

The former CEO of "Anbouh Sazan Homay Tehran" firmly emphasized and added: "I did not participate in the twin towers project under any title or in any way. These twin towers were designed only by Iranian and foreign experts who are parties to the company's contract." have been built. He added: "Today, the beautiful Kish residential twin towers in the construction industry have been introduced as an international brand on the azure and dazzling beaches of Kish, so that the beautiful architecture of these twin towers is a very attractive subject for photographers and videographers of domestic and foreign tourists." They travel to Kish Island from different countries of the world. Explaining the commercial project "Kish Mall", which is the second work on Kish Island, Seyed Morsal Jalali stated: "Kish Mall" commercial project is designed on a land with an area of ​​25,750 square meters, including two parking floors and four commercial floors, the upper floors It is modern with the design of modern leisure facilities, services and amenities and is currently under construction. He pointed out: "Considering the special economic conditions in the country, if the Kish Free Zone Organization has the necessary support and cooperation with" Anbouh Sazan Homay Tehran "company," we can definitely have this large complex before the end of the year "1402". Open commercial and welfare services and put them into operation. He continued: "Kish Mall residential twin towers and bazaar project, in addition to an international brand with a very beautiful architecture, is one of the national honors of the country and the Kish Free Zone Organization at home and abroad, and" Kish Mall "in the future About five thousand people will be directly or indirectly employed.