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Specialized quality control unit QC & QA


The main axis of Homay Tehran's activities is based on quality. We strongly believe that the successful efficiency of our operations in all aspects of our business depends on maintaining high standards and enhancing added value through quality. With such a clear and forward-looking vision that inspires us in implementing and developing the "Homay Tehran HTQCP Quality Control Program", we can ensure, based on the Comprehensive Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) guidelines, that All activities of the collection comply with the appropriate laws and regulations. Design criteria and criteria, engineering calculations and designs, specifications and coordinates, engineering methods and project implementation, etc. are all controlled and guaranteed based on these instructions. The index chapters of the Homay Tehran Quality Control Program (HTQCP) include the following: 1- Design standards and its compliance with engineering specifications and specifications 2- Compliance of designs with control and quality assurance instructions 3- Inspection, sampling, testing, inspection and control based on instructions and regulations 4- Documenting the executive process and recording records 5- Control and implementation of licenses and permits based on instructions and regulations 6- Controlling the standards and its compliance with the instructions and regulations 7- Control of safety, health and hygiene






Quality control standards are evaluated and tested using approved documented methods. The process of this method first begins with the collection of accurate, clear and accurate information and includes possible and case sampling, accuracy and sensitivity in the test, setting the level of reliability and lack of it in the test results and data. These quality control standards help the relevant experts, specialists and engineers to act with confidence in the precise design and planning of their tests and working methods. Homay Tehran Quality Control Planning (HTQCP) adheres to the following international standards: ASTM - ISO - DIN - BS






Adherence to the implementation methods of guidelines and regulations for quality control and assurance in the Homay Tehran collection based on the Homay Tehran Quality Control Program (HTQCP) by special expert teams at different levels is defined as follows: - Organizational policy and executive process planning - Engineering design stage - Inspection in production and purchase - Sampling and testing - Inspection at origin and destination - Executive planning - Project implementation - Completion of the project Members of Homay Tehran Quality Control and Assurance Team are professionals, trained with extensive knowledge and comprehensive understanding of control in standardization, which in this work cycle: - At the company level; The quality control manager submits his reports directly to the chairman of the board. - at the operational level; All team members report directly to the CEO through the Quality Control Manager. - At the project level; All team members submit their reports directly to the project manager through the quality control manager. Therefore, the result of this regular and accurate process is fast and very effective control, which increases the confidence of the system performance and will lead to very positive and brilliant results.