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Homay Tehran Commerce and Procurement


Homay Tehran has established strong and professional connections and relations with specialized manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services over the past years. Our goal in selecting and maintaining relationships with these resources is to obtain high quality, standard products to stay true to the values ​​promised to our shareholders and customers at set intervals and at appropriate costs. We are proud that by maintaining very strong and professional relationships with our suppliers and contractors, we have been able to continuously cooperate with them in various projects for many years, and by rapidly expanding its scope, in creating and growing suitable fields, business and Have a dynamic work.




Suppliers and contractors in Homay, Tehran


Hamahi Tehran urges its suppliers and contractors to be as committed to their commitments as we are by maintaining the highest standards for all required goods and services. These commitments include: high quality assurance, reasonable prices, as well as a commitment to meet and maintain the highest standards and social responsibility. Creativity and dynamism, agility and speed of action as well as flexibility to the needs and logical changes of the project are what we expect to understand from our partners and contractors.




Resource selection process


The process of searching, accepting and selecting resources (suppliers, producers and contractors) in Homay Tehran is based on 3 principles: A: Transparency and originality B: to be equal and equal A: Creating added value Therefore, any specialized source, if interested, can be fully present in any competitive process of Homay Tehran with ease and by sending their information along with the description of work history, description of goods and services, capabilities and capabilities, certificates and approvals , Description of after-sales support and warranty services to participate in this competition. This process enables us to obtain the right information and evaluate it professionally and professionally, to make the right choices to collaborate on our projects, equally and equally among those interested.



The final choice


After registration by suppliers and contractors at the headquarters of Homay Tehran, which is the first step in the cooperation process, our experts in the business unit study and professionally evaluate each request and after confirming the cooperation, provide the units Put related. All stages of purchases and cooperation agreements with Homay Tehran are done only through the business unit in the company's head office.